THE ORIGINALS SERIES: Catherine Lacey + Sasha Frere-Jones

The Originals Series is back at Interstate on Thursday, 7/24, to celebrate Catherine Lacey’s debut novel Nobody Is Ever Missing with host Isaac Fitzgerald and a DJ set by Sasha Frere-Jones.

Will it sound something like this? Who can say! But what we do know is, it’s going to be a great time.

Space is limited; you must RSVP to attend.

66 Knickerbocker Ave
Thursday, July 24th, 7 pm

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Posted 07/14/14 Posted July 14, 2014
How to Read a Novelist: Nadine Gordimer
Posted 07/16/14 Posted July 16, 2014

Going Deep with David Rees

Regular attendees of the FSG Originals Series know David Rees as our indefatigable host (and sometime scene-stealer), as at ease refereeing Frank Bill and John Darnielle as he is re-enacting a Stevie Nicks video with Lindsay Hunter and Holly Miranda, provoking John Jeremiah Sullivan or sharing secrets with Amelia Gray. Regular attendees of the FSG Originals series also know that David has been absent from host seat recently—BECAUSE HE’S BEEN MAKING HIS VERY OWN TV SHOW. That’s right, Going Deep with David Rees premieres tonight at 10 PM on Nat Geo TV (AKA The National Geographic Channel), right after Brain Games.

Here’s how David precaps it:

It’s a how-to show that teaches you THE BEST WAY to do things you think you already know how to do: Open a door, climb a tree, dig a hole, etc… It’s an honest-to-goodness instructional TV show, with expert advice from scientists and obsessive tinkerers and even religious authorities… But it’s also a little bonkers. We shot it in my house and I made all the animations and a lot of the music—we’re talking about artisanal, locally sourced, grass-fed television. The big message of the show is: OUR WORLD IS A VERY INTERESTING PLACE AND WE ARE LUCKY TO BE HERE. I hope you will watch it and have fun doing so.

And be sure to tune in to David’s Twitter feed for live annotations during the broadcast.


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Posted 07/08/14 Posted July 8, 2014

“One of the great forces in American letters”

John Freeman, author of How to Read a Novelist and former editor of Granta, just revealed his next grand endeavor, and while it’s not an FSG Originals project, we’re still pretty darn excited about it (so long as it doesn’t distract him from that other book he has under contract . . . ). He’s starting a new literary magazine! Called Freeman’s! [Exclamation point ours, as ever.] More precisely, he’s starting a series of anthologies that come out twice a year—each a themed selection of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and photo essays.

John tried to explain the madness to us:

One of the things I love about working in books is its endless cycle of renewal. Just when you think there are a fixed number of points to orient by, another dozen appear, seemingly out of nowhere. And the whole landscape changes. I got to work with so many writers I admired at Granta, novelists and reporters who are among my lifelong favorites. But less than a year after quitting that post I already had fallen for a number of new writers, people I either narrowly missed when I was at Granta, or writers I was not even aware existed. The search for good writing is, I think, endless, largely because there is more to living than we can possibly know, and that boundlessness is one of the pleasures I hope to bring to Freeman’s .

The Washington Post has the full scoop. . .

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Posted 07/02/14 Posted July 2, 2014
Posted 07/02/14 Posted July 2, 2014

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